Tips For Choosing The Perfect Dresses for Thick Body

Tips For Choosing The Perfect Dresses for Thick Body

Tips for choosing the perfect dress. The choice of dress color, you should have it according to skin tone is possessed. For example, if you have dark skin it is best that you lean discrete colors such as black, navy or dark gray. Discard the brown, because this key will only blur your silhouette. But if you possess light skin, be sure to avoid white and yellow and choose bright colors like orange, purple and red, you contribute a share of glamour and distinction.

The black is the classic color for an evening gown and is always a good choice. However, women have increasingly begun to opt for bright colors and metallic.

Triangular-shaped body. Women with this body type is characterized by the most narrow and thin that the hips are wider than shoulders and buttocks and legs, which also tend to be quite bulky.

To offset this imbalance, the ideal is to opt for party dresses and lighter fluids that are not too tight in the waist, so you disimularás the width of the hips. In this sense, empire waist dresses are the best choice. The chest draped shoulders will look wider, while the loose part of the skirt achieved hide your curves. Similarly, empire waist dresses strapless are great for figures with triangular shape.

The Perfect Dresses for Thick Body

Rectangular body. The rectangular shape is shaped very straight with the same measure of shoulders and hips and a slightly wider waist. In addition, women with this body type usually have little chest.

When choosing a prom dress the goal will try to form curves and enhance the figure with print dresses and fine fabrics that provide movement. We feel good about the waisted dresses at the top but with gauzy skirt and belted dresses to give more volume.

Fresh light colors. Women with light skin, hair and eyes that have cool tones look best in light pastels and muted colors. Choose colors of elegant dresses that are soft, and that does not saturate your soft and colorful features. Colors like slate blue, heather gray, yellow, lavender, pink, and pale yellow are all flattering colors. Soft dresses in white, off white or cream complement women with colorful light and fresh. Stay away from earth tones and bright colors that will wash you if you have clear and fresh elements.

Soft warm tones. Women with hair and light and warm skin look better in dresses that are pale and softly colored. Peach, gold and water are wonderful options for women with soft warm tones. The dresses in lime green or coral are bright, but not saturate your hair or skin. Avoid colors that are dark or off as you wash. Instead of a true black or pure white, choose a dress in a white tone cream or cocoa brown. The tone colors with gold and some dark blue tones would be women with soft, warm tones.